What Are The Benefits Of Custom Mobile App UI/UX Design For Business?

mobile app UI/UX design

Mobile apps have evolved a great deal today from what they were in the beginning in 1997. It started with the gaming industry and has now tapped every strata and household of society.  For apps per se it is not just about functions and features, but also the appeal and the impact. Earlier people used to look into just what apps used to offer or do but, now the focus has shifted to how the app does the functions and the different ways it catches impact. What determines the impact and attracts the attention of the public is the UI/UX i.e. the mobile app design.

What is UI design?

The UI is the acronym for the term user interface. The user interface is the graphical structure and foundation of the mobile application. It consists of the most minor yet important elements of the application such as buttons, text styles, images, sliders, and other visual components. In a nutshell, it is the design of the app. The look and the feel of the solution make up the entire UI of the mobile app.

That was a bit about the UI.

Now let’s have a look at what mobile app UI/UX design

UX is the short form of user experience. Now coming up with a mobile user experience design is a bit more tricky than working on the interface. It involves coming up with components of the application that help the user to interact with the app. The smoother the flow of the design the better will be the user’s experience of the application. The user-friendliness of the app is a result of the user experience created behind it.

The UI and UX of the app go hand in hand. The UX is the extension of the UI. The interaction depends on the design and the design encourages the interaction of the user with the app. The UX works with both the design and the features and functions of the mobile application.

Earlier there was a single agency that used to develop the entire mobile application. But, now if you are too busy working on the back-end and other development tasks you can go for a professional UI/UX design service with the partner or agency of your choice, suited to your likes.

But how do the UI and UX benefit a mobile app?

1. Customer retention

A great UI design never fails to attract customers and encourage them to visit the mobile application again and again. If you update the experience and the design frequently then you can further encourage the customers to continue using the application. Your users will surely be satisfied and spread a good word about your application and they too will love your app.

2. Consistency

When you work on the UI/UX design of the application, you surely give it the flow and organize the different elements of the app. This improves the consistency of the app. If the UI/UX design doesn’t fall in line it will just be a messed up combination of buttons, features, and other components. Only when the consistency is intact will the customer enjoy using the application.

3. Productivity

The more appealing the design the more downloads will be. This will prove to be quite progressive, not just for the application but also for the business as a whole. When you make it all user-centric and sensitive enough, it will encourage sales and user engagement.

4. Branding

Your app should speak your brand and also stand true to the purpose and the target group that will use it. Go for using a similar text style to your company logo and using the colour code that represents your brand. This will help users recognize the app as a product of your business or brand. It will also bring back a memory of the experience of the end-user with your app when similar patterns and colours are visible.

5. Improved conversion

The purpose of the app is everything. The design supports the purpose and the experience fulfills it. When the design is in line with the immersive elements and the features, it will surely drive users and customers to perform the desired action and get associated with the brand as a subscriber, purchaser, or even a long-term partner.

6. Revenue generation

As talked above, an impressive design is one that fulfills the goal of the mobile application. You can set up in-app purchases and deals encouraging more sales for the future. This will increase the revenue that you can generate from a single user and that too repeatedly as and when you introduce newer deals and purchase options in the app.

7. Comprehension

UI/UX gives your coding and complex back-end computer language more meaning so that the user understands everything in the mobile application easily. Using legible fonts and simple colours and patterns with basic effects will make things clear for the user to run the app.

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