Top Web App Development Frameworks To Watch Out For In 2022

Top Web App Development Frameworks To Watch Out For In 2022

Development frameworks act as the spine of an interactive and robust web application. 2021 showcased a lot of websites that utilized the best versions of available frameworks to craft out their interactive website or web app. But, 2022 is looking forward to making some more intensified inclusions. The rise in the prevalence of digital tools is what developers need.

The present web app development industry intends to raise standards of work progress. And that is to make the projects different from those made to date. Hence, the developers are now keen to learn about the market’s trending web app development frameworks to adopt this mindset and approach. And this article is willing to help you explore the top names.

The Leading Frameworks for Web Development

Here is the list of top trending frameworks that excelled in 2021 and are predicted to enhance even more commendable outputs in 2022:

1. React

React has been a popular framework since 2013 after Facebook introduced it to developers! Enterprises adopted the efficacy of this framework in no time. React is a JavaScript library that assists the developers in carrying out productive User Interfaces (UIs). It is a front-end framework that has attained the title of being the most used option of 2021.

Facebook is aware that people are turning up to React on priority. Therefore, it is upgrading React over time with new functionalities. This constant evolution of the framework keeps it top of the chart at all times. Hence, this most-wanted React framework will bring more intuitive upgrades to web app development in 2022.

2. Angular

Angular.js came to existence by Google! Google is one of the humongous technical corporations across the globe, and is blindly trusted upon deriving the efficacy of this web app development framework. Some of the biggest companies worldwide, such as Microsoft and PayPal, use the Angular.js framework. As per web app development trends, Angular is stable for development jobs.

Till the year 2016, Angular was being written in JavaScript language. But after the recent upgrades, Angular is now being written in TypeScript. Hence, this idea makes this framework even more adaptable to various devices and platforms. As single-page web applications are trending in the industry, there is no better framework than Angular.js for reciprocating those trends.

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3. Vue

Vue is another efficient framework highly suggested by every big web application development company. It is also a JavaScript framework with its share of demand in the market. Unlike React.js and Angular.js, Vue is the product of several independent developers. And for this fact, it is easy to learn and use Vue.js for respective projects.

If you are just starting with your web app development career and are willing to start your journey with a front-end framework, Vue.js can be a great start. It is easy to craft interactive UIs with Vue for diverse web applications. As there is no support from big tech giants, Vue.js might not be easy to integrate into your development project. You can hire professional web application development services to acquire seamless integration.

4. Express

Express.js is yet another fast and lightweight framework that operates on the server-side. This framework is based upon Node.js and is solely introduced to develop back-end APIs and web apps. This framework tends to implement minimalistic design & functionality with interactive features. Express.js is going into 2022 because millions of web app development companies are using it today. The functionality and demand scale will rise to the peak in the forthcoming time.

As per the Stack Overflow Developer survey, around 23.82% of the respondents voted for Express to be one of the most used web app development frameworks in 2021. And this trend-set is predicted to continue even in 2022! Express has a small core library, and most of its features are handled with plugins, even with all of the efficiencies. These limitations do not overshadow the efficacies of this framework at all!

5. Ember

Big corporations are currently using Model View-ViewModel (MVVM) framework to make their web apps stand out in the crowd. Ember.js is a productive framework that supports this concept or idea. Some big web apps such as Apple Music, LinkedIn, and Twitch use Ember as their JavaScript framework. It is an optimal front-end framework suitable for seamlessly developing web or mobile apps.

The data handling and routing potential of this framework is widely appreciated. It can give a powerful environment for developing projects and support faster performance. This framework is well-maintained and widely documented.

6. Flask

Flask is a Python-based WSGI framework that runs over a web server and not on the user’s browser. Hence, it is categorized as a microframework and doesn’t demand the necessity of libraries and tools. The idea of Flask as a framework is to maintain a simple but extensible core. This framework offers extension support by allowing the developers to add plugins and libraries to the web applications, just like it was implemented right within the framework.

2021 was good for Flask as many developers have reportedly switched to this framework for smaller projects. 2022 will also be a year full of new businesses and smaller web app demands. Flask can be the candidate to help make web app development services easy for developers in the coming year.



These are the trending web app development frameworks that exist in this world! Numerous web apps will be developed in 2021, and this demand surge won’t stop anytime soon. The aspiring entrepreneurs, bloggers, non-profit organizations, and others are willing to start their online journey with an interactive and feature-loaded web app.

And to fulfill that, there is a strong need for developers to count on proficient frameworks. There is a competitive consideration upon developing the best apps for productive business outcomes. This sense of utilization of frameworks derives the best potential out of them. The developers must implement all framework functionalities and craft out the best web app for business outcomes.

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