How Much Does It Cost To Make A Mobile App In 2021

mobile app development cost

Today there are beyond 7.1 billion mobile users in the world. And, the demand just doesn’t seem to dip. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why there are plenty of innovations and introductions in the world of mobile phones. One such brainchild is ‘apps’. There are all different types of apps available for mobile users now. This has led to a completely different section of job opportunities for the techies, ‘mobile app development.

Earlier it was about making an employee from a graduate, now there are other ways you can get app development. You can go for hiring a mobile app development company or working on a project basis with experienced agencies.

Let’s get on with the talk of today, the cost of mobile app development!

Every business wants a dedicated application for its brand. An app might seem quite simplistic at first due to its virtual existence. But a lot more goes into the process than what meets the eye. Lots of internal and external factors come into play when you want to present the world with an app that is actually an idea or an entrepreneur’s dream at first. So, to keep you all covered about the different aspects and determinants which make up an application and eventually become the value of the mobile app.

Now we'll look at what goes into arriving at the total mobile app development cost!!

If you’re thinking of building a mobile application! It’s more than just about gazing over competitors and coming up with a price based on analysis and hear-say. Before you start off with your mobile app development service and duty, decide the niche for your mobile application.

There’s a simple formula that goes into getting the cost of your mobile app development,i.e. (Design+Development time) x hourly rate. You can get the two from the resources you harness to get your mobile app up and running.

Here are the factors that determine the cost of mobile app development!

1. Features and complexity

We all know that an app is known for the features and the build it serves. You are the decider of what you want your target to focus on and how diverse you want your mobile app to be and that too single-handedly. Giving the mobile app features and comprehensive functionalities takes time and has a price, so most of your cost will be covered by its traits.

2. Design and customization

Creating a memorable impact on the user is key whether it’s a mobile app or even a website. What’s a better way than coming up with great designs? So, keep in mind that you treat the human eyes with some modern and trending designs. This will get you greater downloads and that too at a reasonable price. Don’t forget to keep the scope for future modifications and changes, because preferences will change with new introductions and upgrades.

3. Platforms

If you are thinking of where to launch your mobile app, then think deeper! You can either go for developing on the OS that covers your niche or widen the reach by showcasing your app on multiple OS and app stores, it’s completely your choice. Remember to carry out a target study about the stores and OS your prospects use. You obviously don’t want any unnecessary expenses.

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4. App nature

It’s quite evident that hybrid apps have started dominating the market! But that’s not the only thing you must look into, native apps are more robust and scalable. Even lesser time and duties go into making a  native app. Well on the other hand hybrid apps have seamless flexibility as they are cross-platform and have great adaptability.

5. Team setup

Mobile app development isn’t a one-man game, there are a lot of heads put together. Make sure that you have the right people and the right amount of workforce. Overstaffing or understaffing is not advisable if you want your audience to have the best quality mobile app development. Run a background check of each individual while hiring.

6. Maintenance

As we talked about earlier, the features and functionalities are the heart and soul of your mobile app. Now, to keep the app and its contents intact, your app should be well-maintained. Upgrading and adding features, tweaking navigation and playing with the way a user can interact with the solution must be updated from time to time.


Still, thinking what is the cost of mobile app development? Well on average it comes to about $40,000. Not all app development costs this much. It can be lesser or even more depending on what you want to make your mobile app feature-rich and high-performance. Remember your app is an extension of your brand. It all should be in line with your business requirement and resource allocation.

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