How Mobile App Development Are Contributing In Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

As the IT sectors are growing worldwide, it is crucial to focus on the rising challenges in sustainability. They need to contribute to renewable energy app development solutions. In such a case, developing a Green IT approach can be a great solution. Generally, the term Green IT is considered to be the practice and study of environmentally sustainable IT and computing. The green IT approach is very similar to Green Chemistry’s concept, which consists of maximizing energy efficiency, reducing the use of hazardous materials, and recyclability.

Many research studies have supported that the development of clean technology is considered to be the most effective way to combat the issues related to the environment and climate change. This post will give a brief idea about some of the key challenges that mobile app development services need to be focused on, as well as highlight some tips to overcome the mentioned challenges.

Why Is It Important For The Mobile Application To Contribute To The Environment And Clean Energy?

The United Nations (UN) set new Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, focusing on the importance of low carbon, green, and circular economy development. At the same time, the emissions-cutting deal was adopted at the Paris Climate Change Summit, which has set up a foundation for all the countries to improve clean technologies. Likely, it has become essential for mobile app development companies to adopt renewable energy app development solutions for their business.

What Are The Cleantech Challenges?

However, there are several challenges associated with cleantech that are mentioned below.

1. Lack Of Awareness About Cost-Benefits Related To Clean Energy

It has been identified that a mobile application development company needs to give more focus to sustainable solutions. Many surveys have claimed that many companies are unaware of the cost-benefits integrated with clean energy solutions. Meanwhile, some app development companies are also aware of the cleantech products that are cost-saving and have environmental benefits, but they delay decision-making.

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2. Sub-Optimal Management And Operation Of Clean Energy Solutions

It is a tough job for mobile app development companies while generate renewable energy mobile apps. It is because these companies are not aware of handling the equipment. Moreover, they may face challenges in managing the systems efficiently. As a result, the stakeholders are losing their interest in financial returns.

3. Huge Customer Acquisition Costs For Services

Many app development companies have mentioned that renewable energy-related businesses or services create extremely high customer acquisition costs. It is because it is a capital-intensive and very new business in the market.

4. A Disconnect Between Governments Or Utilities With Citizens Or Customers

It has been found that the utilities or governments cannot enhance or promote inclusive participation from the customers or public at the extensive level. It is a major challenge for the mobile development company to contribute to clean energy and the environment.

5. Inaccuracies In Managing A Large Amount Of Data

The documentation and data entry work associated with the wind turbine, solar power plant, or sewage treatment plant are prone to errors and could be cumbersome. It results in inaccuracies in managing a large amount of data for the mobile application development company. Additionally, companies cannot trust these erroneous data for informed decision-making.

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How Can A Mobile Application Development Company Help To Combat The Mentioned Challenges?

There are various ways to combat the mentioned challenges that can be adopted by the renewable energy mobile app development company.

1. Cut Down Customer Acquisition Costs

Traditionally, a site visit requires a typical sales representative to take measurements, take notes, perform essential calculations, and interview the customers. But the development of new applications with cloud-based software is helpful for the sales representative to capture the rooftop picture by creating a module layout during the site visit. Here, it became possible to check the solar radiation data with the help of a GPS. It results from reducing the customer acquisition costs and sales cycle costs.

2. Enable Major Benefits And Estimates Of Costs

Wind energy production depends on the wind characteristics of a particular area or location. Traditionally, the developers visit a technical consultant to complete a feasibility analysis to know the prediction about the power generation from a particular area or zone. But, many apps have been developed that help calculate the selected location’s wind turbine earnings. However, it has been identified that these app developments enable quick decision-making and save time. 

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3. Data Analytics Ensures The Energy Efficiency

It is challenging to track energy usage. Here, the development of the mobile app helps provide information about the cost and tracking energy usage. 

4. Improve Productivity With Improved Operations And Maintenance (O&M)

The treatment of water is a resource-intensive and tedious process. But nowadays, it has become easier with the mobile apps that provide the O&M personnel’s accurate notifications. These apps provide efficient workflow because of look-up tables, formulas, and calculators for flow conversion, liquid feed rate, volume conversion, pressure conversion, solid chemical dosing, and others. 

5. Optimized Communication Between Utilities Or Government And The Customer Or Public

The rising incidences of air pollution can be easily reported with the mobile app. This app includes uploading the evidence of work done, a section to resolve cases, and enables active participation that is helpful to reducing the public menace.


Important Green IT Principles Applied To Mobile App Development

There are some important green IT principles applied to mobile app development that are mentioned below;

  • Define an efficient cache policy
  • Remove the app’s unused features
  • Select a green hosting provider
  • Optimize your location services use
  • Reduce the amount of data that is transferred between app and server,
  • Optimize your images and media
  • Follow the best practices of energy efficiency for your app

The mobile app development services can also benefit from integrating Green IT and app development. It can be helpful to create more engaged collaborators, improve the company’s image, and reduce useless expenses. 

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