How Do Mobio Solutions Develop A World-Class Food Delivery Mobile App?

food delivery mobile application

Over the years the number of mobile users has increased massively and the counting doesn’t seem to stop. This has increased the number of Android users too, due to its versatility of functionalities introduced and the app choices. Yes! There’s an app for almost everything today, whether it’s about shopping, adding features to the phone, getting services, gaming, or accessing forums even.

Android mobile application development has shaken every business of every industry to an all-new high. Thanks to the world going digital! All businesses do not just have a physical reach and traditional front for operations but also an advanced hand in spreading satisfaction to customers right at their homes.

Are you a part of the food industry?

Do you wish to have a food and beverage application for your business??

Here’s a quick process on how you can build dynamic food delivery mobile applications and see your business boom!!

First up you must come up with a valid idea that is backed up by industry and audience research. Then, you must go on and set up the different pointers that the app will revolve around including the purpose, target, different dynamics, and other documentation that gives clear intel about the application.

Now, you go ahead with the different mock-ups and blueprints that will make up the flow and the interface of the application. Be prepared to cover both the front-end and the back-end interfaces of the application. Also, prepare the layout and the wireframe of each section of the app with and without the content and media.

Once it’s all on paper a large amount of the work’s done. Now you must get together the technology stack to build your application. It includes database development, logistics control, data management, 3rd party set-ups, APIs & authentications. Here are the technologies you must go for when building a food delivery mobile application:

Back-end technologies

  • Nginx server
  • Laravel framework
  • MySQL and Redis database
  • AWS

Front-end technologies

  • React Native

Now that you have all the technology you want to work with, grow your team. Here are the people you will require to develop your app:

  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
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Leave the rest to the team you’ve hired in-house and your delivery app will be ready!!

If you don’t have enough capital or resources to keep the team going, then you can hire an agency or experts to go ahead with it.  Searching for the best mobile app agency? Go for Mobio Solutions. Here’s a case study of Mobio when they developed a world-class delivery app:

The team at Mobio Solutions put in immense work and effort to come up with a food delivery app called QuakeFood. They started by interacting with different stakeholders of the food industry and a 360° bird-view of all the food industry dimensions. A wireframe was prepared that met the needs of the target customers. The professionals gathered different design ideas, layouts, clicking points, and color combinations for the app following the brand. We then carried out an in-depth competitor analysis to get ahead with the process.

Now the executives stepped in with a prototype of the final application so we could run it through the prospective audience group. The app was then given the final design and development touches. After this, it was tested through different objectives and it succeeded. A ready-to-use bug-free food delivery app was delivered to the client in no time. It is known as one of the most convenient, smart, and seamless orders processing delivery apps, QuakeFood!

You can vouch on Mobio Solutions for the best mobile app development service for your food application!!

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