Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About UI UX Design!

UI UX Design Service

App development and deployment are an important part of the IT and software industry processes. The app development process is extensive and includes different phases and sub-processes. One sub-processes is integrating a good UI layout and creating a design framework that supports a higher user experience. Apart from the framework that supports an app on its back end, the user experience arising from the UI design layout is very important.

How the user interacts with the application framework and derives fruitful experiences from it ultimately supports the final success of the app. Although user experience and user interface are very popular in the application software development sector, many people still lack knowledge about the importance of UI UX design services and the benefits of their proper usage

What Is UI/UX Design?

As app development companies start to focus on creating customer-oriented apps, the need for interactive user interfaces and mapping out user experience parameters is more emergent than before. The UI UX design services deal with designing the overall flow of the app to create new and effective user experience points on the app that a user will generally touch when he interacts with the app. The defined user experience framework provides a skeleton or wireframe to other designers and developers to support user experience goals by incorporating visual and coded elements.

A user experience designer of a reputed UI/UX design agency ensures that he backs the app interface layout with the user perspective and known needs of the segment. A good UI/UX designer can think from the user’s perspective and conduct extensive research on the particular user segment. The services of a UX design consultant are needed when the app development company wants to enter the market with an insightful design and create niche products that appeal to the users.

The users have already seen generic apps and offer features for use. The responsibility of a UX designer is to combine experiences with features to create a design that is aligned with user needs and expectations. When the user needs are fulfilled with accuracy and novelty, the app becomes successful and stays in business for a long time. Highly successful apps that dominate the user segment invest a lot in reinventing the user experience layout so that the users get to experience something new from time to time.

The user experience designer focuses on creating an easy layout that the user can easily navigate and use. The user cannot completely use the app without easy navigation and stays blind to many hidden features. The idea dominant in the present scenario of the UI/UX design sphere is to present all the features so simply that the user can use them with minimal effort.

Although UX design is of high importance now, user experience as a term has existed since the 90s when app development picked up the pace. However, app developers floated generic apps in the initial stage and did not focus much on user experience or user interface design.

Tech giants and their CEOs have highlighted the importance of UX design and fitting technology into the design principles. For example, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs once said to his team that it needs to focus on customer experience first and then think about the technologies that will support the user experience goals. This vision of Jobs makes sense because the app ultimately addresses the end-user segment. The success and revenue greatly depend on the user segment and how it receives the app.

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The Broad Process Of UI/UX Design

The User interface design focuses on creating a design interface that the end-user can identify with and use with ease. The user interface is also the front face of the app representing the company that has deployed the app. In a way, the app portrays the brand image and message of the company. Therefore, the UX designer team has to pay attention to the layout when putting it under a process. The UX design process has broad phases as follows:

1. Develop A User Persona

The UX designer starts with developing a user persona by studying the user segment, their needs, expectations, and issues that they witness daily. Every app is created to resolve a certain issue or problem that the entire user segment faces. The user persona is developed to connect with the end-user and understand their mindset.

The designer can begin the UX design process from the insights drawn from the user persona. The User persona portrays the nature and mindset of an ideal customer of the targeted segment. After ample research into the user segment and conducting user surveys and interviews, the user persona is created.

2. Map The Customer Journey

Prospective customers have to be convinced to use the app. The user experience designer has to map out the user journey depending on the benefits they want to draw and then wireframe the UX layout so that the user segment is attracted to the app and converts from prospective users to actual users. On the other hand, the UX design consultant has to also map out the customer journey inside the app and create the flow map that suits the user needs and derives the greatest user experience.

3. Address User Experience

The designer has to know the challenges that the users face or expect while they use the app. Once the UX design team is clear about the pain points experienced by the user, it can focus on creating a design layout that eliminates the pain points and smoothens the user interactions with the app.

4. Adding Value

Once the basic layout is finalized, the UI/UX design team has to focus on creating additional design elements and incorporating them into the framework so that the user experience is heightened and the value of the app increases. The interaction level has to be higher than basic so that it appeals to the user base and compels them to retain it in their device.

5. Focus On Usability

Apart from creating feature-rich and valuable apps, the UX design company has to focus on improving the usability of existing and new apps so that the user finds the app useful in the long term. UX designers and developers have to maintain and enhance the app’s usability from time to time to retain its relevance.

These are the basic processes of UI/UX design concepts that a UI/UX design agency follows. UI/UX design is extremely vital to creating new advanced apps, and industry experts expect the demand for UX design professionals to increase soon.

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