Do’s And Don’ts Of Custom Application Development For Startups

custom application development

Gone are the days when application development followed a specific framework. All applications looked similar. But with the passage of time and technological upgradation, the sky’s the limit. You can choose from a plethora of functionalities and features for your startup app. Getting an app tailor-made is called custom application development. In other terms, it’s about designing a dedicated software application for a specific user group or organisation. 

Do you have an idea for a venture? Want custom application development?

You can hire developers or a dedicated startup product development company. But before getting into going for the best choice, let’s look at the ups and downs of custom application development.

The Do’s of Startup Product Development :

1. Multi-platform compatibility

There are lots of platforms available in the market today. There’s no definite platform or device that generates traffic. Ensure that you can be reached through various media not just the world wide web, but also apps, and not only on mobile screens, but also tablets and other smart gadgets.

2. Be user-centric

Earlier it was believed that the producer was king, now the game’s changed, the consumer is king, and all it’s not just about what you’re selling, cause there’ll be lots of industry players selling it. It is about how you are selling it. The way you sell it also should make the right impact on the user, the way he/she likes it.

3. Keep scope for customization

Who doesn’t like an app that grows with time and offers more and more with greater innovation? Go for flexibility when you go in for a startup product development service. Not just feature-wise, keep modification scope also wide so you can change the looks according to the trends and preferences of the masses to increase downloads and visits.

4. Go for reliable technology

There’s a vast global technology stack available for app design and development. It isn’t a good decision to always go for high-performance and trending technologies. It’s most important to make an informed decision, go for tech that’s robust and scalable, this will automatically increase the lifespan of your venture. Don’t forget to carry out a background check or even get feedback from your target about preferred technologies.

5. Choose automated testing

Hat’s off to the progression in testing technology, today there’s instant access to tools for testing and there’s accurate online testing also available for your application. The change of algorithms for greater performance and functionality in your application is constant. One added benefit of automated testing is that there is a minimal or negligible investment of time and money.

product development
product development

The Don’ts of Startup product development:

1. Miscommunication

We all know that communication is key for all kinds of processes and it’s crucial for all cases, be it subordinates to superiors or users to business. So, ensure that the communication throughout the development process is clear so that the development is streamlined. Also, get follow-up from users and keep communication highly approachable. This will not just help build goodwill, but help resolve the app.

2. Save data as plain text

Security is a thriving issue today in the cyber world. Everything has an online gateway. To rid leaks, thefts, and information malpractice, save data in different computing or dynamic languages, so that it is difficult to decode or figure out within the set time to access. Enable the tightest security possible. You can go for two-factor verification or the advanced encryption models.

3. Overspend on tech

It is a common mindset, that all things expensive are great. Well, this doesn’t stand true at all times. You must spend the right amount not more or less, for this to find out different service providers and their rates, offers, and packages, go for the right fit and not the best one. Because it isn’t obvious that what’s best for others will be best for you.

4. Restrict responsiveness to a screen-size

Not all of us know, but today a majority of users get a hang of different businesses and brands from mobile devices, so ensure that your app is mobile responsive. Well, this doesn’t mean that the era of desktops has come to an end. Some parts of society spend a larger time span on the laptop/computer.  So the best option is to keep auto-responsive to different screen sizes.

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