A Complete Guide To Insurance App Development In 2022 And Beyond!

Insurance App Development

Apps are the fulcrum of digitised businesses and their revenue flow channels. Every type of business today has learned that it can boost its opportunities and revenue turnover with the help of a well-designed app. A good app increases the spectrum of reach and usability for different businesses.

The modern-day customer does not want to go to the market or to different organisations to get services and products. He wants all the services and products to be available at his fingertips. The best way to fulfill this need is to create a good app and influence the users to load it on their devices. Apps help increase the usability and reach of services as the user can access them anytime. Users’ increased convenience level from these apps helps build better customer relationships with businesses.

Insurance companies today hire mobile app developers to tap into this opportunity and expand their scope of services. The shift towards building the perfect insurance app has been gradual, as not all insurance agencies have pushed into the trend. Even today, more than half of the insurance companies have not entered the application mode.

This article discusses why insurance app development is an absolute necessity for insurance businesses and how it can be achieved. Mobile application development service is available in the market easily. However, it is important to approach the venture with awareness and choose the right team of developers for the job.

Why Do Insurance Companies Need To Develop Apps?

There are many reasons why investment in insurance app development services reaps benefits for an insurance company. Here are some of how insurance apps are the future for insurance providers.

1. Helps tackle competition

Developing an app for the provider’s services helps secure an early advantage in market competition. The insurance app development helps the company digitise its services before its competitors. The creation of apps is a futuristic endeavour for insurance companies which every company will do in the coming years. If an insurance company invests in app development, it tackles competition easily.

The revenue flow, customer engagement rate, and the company’s visibility also improve gradually with the app’s help. The competition will always be present in the insurance landscape as new companies enter. However, the development and deployment of an app with the help of a mobile app development company can help create present and future opportunities for growth. The app development process is a stepping stone for the future as it will evolve to stay above the competition.

2. Enhances communication and transparency with the clients

In the insurance provider business, creating a good trust base with customers is crucial. Clients see a company as reliable when there is clear communication and transparency of insurance-related processes. The app will help create channels of participation and trust with the customers. The client can get timely updates about the insurance filing and claiming process. The flow of information from the company to the client becomes streamlined and well defined. This creates a good impact on brand client relationships.

3. Automates the process and sub-process

Automation is a major need for the present-day consumer. From getting excited about the use of robots in the retail industry to the use of automated workflow in the IT industry, there are several possibilities that app development has brought out even for the insurance providers. By hiring a good insurance app development company, insurance service providers reduce the hassle of manual processes. This benefits the client as well as the executives. Automating sub-processes helps make the insurance provisions easy and simple for the client.

4. Increases the acquisition rate

Floating an app for insurance services takes your company services to the client base and targeted audience. The target audience can now get an overview of your services through the app. The deployment of a good app, therefore, simplifies the acquisition process of new clients. The client acquisition rate is faster as the lead can be converted with a simple app download and registration. The company can easily target the audience with in-app marketing campaigns and updates about offers. The acquisition and engagement rate is boosted.

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Types Of Apps For An Insurance Company

Before your company is ready to hire mobile app developers, it has to know the types of apps that can be developed for an insurance company. The types of apps are based on the problem the app solves. The mobile application development service can be used to create apps of two fundamental types.

1. App for insurance agents

An established insurance company must have a network of agents that work together to bring in more clients. These agents must take up different activities and field trips to reach the leads and convert them into clients. An app targeted toward the agents helps establish coordination and communication between the agents. This helps establish an organisational workflow and work structure for the internal framework. A robust agents-only app helps improve productivity and teamwork. The app can automate basic tasks such as reporting, messaging, and conducting meetings.

2. App for the client

For an insurance company, the client-facing app is the most important aspect of digitisation. A client-facing app can provide more information and increase the availability of services. A client-facing app is the best way to enhance the efficiency of multiple strategies for client acquisition and engagement. From maintaining communication to starting in-app marketing campaigns, there are several things an app can achieve. The client-facing app can act as the single portal for services, feedback, and complaints for the client. The client will feel prioritised with the app as it simplifies the insurance-related processes.

The Technology Behind Insurance Apps

Now that the types of apps that insurance app development companies can create for you are clear let us focus on the technologies that make an app the best insurance app for clients. The focus should be on creating an efficient app with a minimalistic approach and important features. The interface should not be cluttered with features and information. Below are the technologies that can help create a strong framework for the insurance app.

  • Telematics

Telematics is a technology that helps track the movement and speed of the car and other vehicles. The integration of telematics helps the insurance company gather information about how their users are driving their cars. Telematics helps the insurance company gather data about the speed and other hazards the users face while driving their vehicles. Based on the information gathered, the company can alter the recommended policies for the users. The customisation of the recommendations helps improve the company’s insurance policy sales prospects.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are a popular type of technical application that is integrated into different apps. Client-facing apps of retail industries have chatbots to help them with frequently asked questions, queries, and complaints. With chatbots, the clients feel like they have 24×7 assistance with them. Even insurance companies need the integration of chatbots in apps so that the client can easily reach the company for its services, queries, and complaints. Chatbots create meaningful conversations and also extend personalised recommendations to the users. Using chatbots can increase the engagement rate of the insurance provider with clients.

  • AI and Machine learning

Artificial and machine learning are leading technologies that must be integrated for the best insurance app development process. Artificial intelligence helps bring human-like interactions into the app so the client can easily use it. The AI and ML capabilities help create user recommendations based on their needs and searches. AI and ML can increase efficiency and enhance the services offered through the apps. Machine learning is used to make an intelligent app that monitors user activity and improves the algorithm to extend better services to the user.

Several features should be part of the app created by the mobile development services. These features make the app a good app with a well-rounded interface. Below are the best features that mobile app development services in their insurance apps are below.


Important Features Or Insurance Apps To Include

The features of insurance apps should be targeted toward solving a common problem of the users. The focus should always be on the quality of the features and organisation and not on the quantity. The navigation and organisation of the app features should be in a way that simplifies it for the user.

1. Claims management

The claims filing, processing, and updating tasks are some of the most cumbersome tasks for the client and the agents. The claims management feature is a must in a good insurance app. The user will prefer to use the app if it can offer easy filing of claims on the mobile phone instead of going to the office and doing it manually. The claims management feature in the app ensures that the user files the claims in just a few taps on the screen.

The app feature also helps the user track the progress of his claim and maintains transparency. The ease of filing and tracking is the biggest USP of the app for users. The user will receive updates about successful claims processing too. This way, he can know when the money has been credited and access it as soon as possible.

2. Quick access to policies and ID cards

With the app, the user is looking for better accessibility and visibility of services. The insurance company can use the app to increase access and visibility of all its policies. This will help the company in selling more policies and spread brand awareness. The user can find all the policies he has chosen in one place. He can also see the terms of the policies at any time.

On the other hand, the user can also know when his insurance premiums are due. Autopay reminders and smart settings can also help the user in timely payments and policy management. The app can also show the user an organised view of his profile so that he can review the information and make changes. The user feels a greater sense of control and accessibility. The use of the app helps the user in digitising all the insurance-related documents. This way, there is no hassle of losing or searching for the documents when the time comes. The user can simply log into the app and see his most updated documents, ID, and certificates.

3. Secure payment

The app should be secure and based on data privacy rules as a user’s sensitive information, and payment details will be stored on it. The app must support multiple payment methods, cards, and online wallets so the user feels at ease when making payments. The payment gateways must be highly secure so that the user does not face any threat of fraud or wrong payments. The payment process should be protected but secure without much human intervention.


The visibility and availability of quotes related to different policies is also a very important feature to include. Your new or existing users will want to see different policies and see the price they have to pay for the same. The quote display feature can show different policies and their prices in one place for the user’s convenience. The user can see and compare different policy quotes and decide the best one for himself. This increases the acquisition and policy selling rate for the company without the intervention of field agents.

Creating an insurance app can be challenging because it has to be targeted to the audience and include multiple features. However, choosing a good insurance app development company with a balanced team of developers and designers reduces the hassle for your company. Insurance apps help the business achieve many objectives like client acquisition, engagement, and higher revenue. For this, your insurance company must choose a dedicated mobile application development company with a good record and work.

The insurance industry’s future largely depends on the new-age apps companies plan to float for their agents and clients. Apps can be multi-faceted tools that benefit the company and the clients.

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