5 Reasons Why To Choose Web Apps For Your Startup Product Development

5 Reasons Why To Choose Web Apps For Your Startup Product Development

Most entrepreneurs feel excited about their startup product development, which includes many plans and strategies to make it the next extensive application in the market. However, it takes time for startup businesses to fit the competitive market, as many big market players have already established their businesses in specific domains.

Thus, entrepreneurs should develop the startup product quickly, cost-effectively, and intelligently. It has been observed that success and failure are always associated with new development in the custom software industry, so entrepreneurs should do proper research before developing an app for their service or product. The professionals recommend that the startups can better start with the web app.

As compared to a native mobile app, the web app is the best choice because it is suitable to host content and introduce the best features to book an appointment, whether it’s for a fitness app or a hair care app. Choosing the right startup product development agency can help your new customers to discover you and make them download the app to connect with your business through an appointment. Let’s begin with understanding a web app and how it can benefit developing your startup product.

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What Is A Web App?

A web application is a web browser app that the users can easily access by going into a web browser. In other words, it is an application program that uses a browser interface and is delivered over the internet by storing it on a remote server. A web app is designed specifically for different uses, which different backgrounds in the industry can use. There is some web app that only supports specific web browsers, but some are designed to be fitted for any kind of browser. Thus, choosing a web app can suit your product development process.

Moreover, web apps do not require your users to download them as they can be easily accessed through a network. These web applications are easily accessed through a web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

What Benefits Can You Expect From A Web App?

Different industries use web app development services for various uses because of their potential benefits. If you want to invest in the web application for your startup product development, you must know about its potential benefits, which are listed below.

  1. It does not require to be installed.
  2. Web apps allow multiple users to access the same application version.
  3. It can be accessed through different browsers.
  4. This web application can be accessed through various platforms like laptops, mobile phones, desktops, etc.

When you plan to develop your web application, focusing on these benefits can give a great visual to your business development and improve your business performance. Before deciding on your product development, you must consult a professional Startup Product Development company in the UK.

Why Developing Web Apps Are The Right Choice For Start-Up Product Development?

A professional Startup Product Development agency recommends choosing a web app for your startup product development for specific reasons highlighted in this post briefly.

1. Better Discoverability

A web app has more benefits for your Startup Product Development as compared to a mobile app because it has the ability and allows your new customers to discover your content quickly on the internet. Your customers do not require to download your app from Google Play and App Store as they can easily search the same query on Google and reach your product quickly.

For example, if your customer searches for “cleaning stores near me,” they can’t just find it on the App Store. Even research shows that the search volume varies between web and mobile apps. According to the Google search statistics report, approximately 39.2 billion searches are conducted on Google weekly, with about 500 million searches for App Stores per week.

These statistics show that mobile apps cannot solve customers’ direct search queries. Compared to the web app, significantly less organic searching is identified on Google Play and the App store, meaning that most downloads and app impressions come from external referrals or direct searches.

If you do not have a large social media following or an established brand, you can benefit more from increased discoverability and web app traffic than the App Store. First, you require a reliable lead funnel source for customers to spread awareness about your service or product. Suppose you want to develop a mobile app for your Startup Product Development. In that case, you must prioritize having a dynamic web app, a large social media following, a first-class website, or an inbound content strategy.

Web App Development Experts for your Project
Web App Development Experts

2. Improve Accessibility

The startup product development company in the UK always recommends going for a web app as you can get immediate benefits due to its availability on any device, and customers can easily access your website. As mentioned before, the ability for users to easily access and find your content on the internet is a great advantage.

It does not frustrate your customers and allows them to make more excuses about not having storage space on their devices. No worries whether users will take time to download and find another app. Users can easily find your website online with a single click.

However, many people are concerned that web services must also be available offline. Thus, web app developers have been engaged to include another vital feature of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that can help the user to find the result when they are in offline mode. Such advancements in web applications are closing the gap and making them more popular than mobile apps.

The most recent report indicates that people prefer to avoid downloading a new app monthly for different reasons. As a startup product, the professional Startup Product Development services recommend you invest in a web application as users discover your product organically through an online search, and they would like to try such a product first.

3. Affordability

Research shows that developing a web app is cheaper than a native mobile app. This is because different native functionality particularities and requirements are associated with the Android and iOS platforms that a developer requires to consider and test thoroughly. Even the mobile application involves different screen sizes and device types that need more custom coding, which requires a highly expert developer and can be time-consuming.

For instance, React Native is a cross-platform framework that assists with these complications, but still, it requires more time to publish the native app and do the actual coding compared to the web app. Professional Start-up Product Development services support that web application has many libraries, which are more accessible and fleshed out to implement regardless of any type of device.

This seems simple because more developers are engaged in web applications than native mobile application development. However, web apps require specific designs to be done carefully, considering spacing interference issues, quirks, and browser-specific limitations.

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In addition, web apps are advantageous for many Startup Product Development as you need not worry about the less available screen space. If you want to develop your web pages with specific functionality at the beginning, then choosing a web application can be the right choice.

It has been identified that web apps give simplicity and ease of use features for the users that are suitable for releasing a finalized UI design or a Minimum Viable Product. In other words, many Startups Product Development services state that web pages fulfil their specific job role from a UX standpoint.

Here, developers are engaged effectively with less available real estate. But, they know the customers’ specific needs and what to display in the centre of the mobile web view. Likely, the web app gives a straightforward user experience and improves the RoI.

Now, you must be worried about knowing how web apps are affordable for your startup product development process. It has been observed that mobile apps are more time-consuming than web apps because the developers have to put more effort into optimizing pages, design, and programming.

On the other hand, the web application usually requires focusing on the mobile view and desktop view, and plenty of well-maintained libraries and resources with responsive web design specific to industry standards and available online answers to assist with this.

4. Easy To Update

Usually, web app pages come across many typos, but you must take immediate action when you notice them. It is not a big deal with web apps because you can fix it quickly by changing the content, and your customers will find the correct spelling. However, the updating process is complicated with a mobile application as you need to fix the typos in the content and upload a build to the Google Play Console and App Store Connect, thoroughly test the beta or alpha version, and submit your updates.

It also takes nearly 1 or 2 days to update your mobile application after submission. Compared to web applications with automatic updates, the updating process of mobile applications is a drawn-out process. Thus, a professional startup product development company in the UK recommends going for the best option, i.e., web apps.

Nowadays, mobile app developers are working on advancement to push native app updates live. For instance, you must have seen that your mobile application asks you to download the latest update in the Application Store. If you download the update in the mobile app, you can see different UI elements that were not included in the previous version. Here, the developers use the CodePush functionality to update the recent version.

When the new update is deployed on the user’s device, the app can perform a more elegant user experience and an emergency update that adds all new content to the application. Even though a payment processing platform and the CodePush functionality are included in the mobile application, the web application is considered more accessible than a mobile application because it works fast and updates the user’s device automatically.


5. Avoid Developer Fees

In the app development industry, big companies like Google and Apple take the notorious 30% revenue cut on the sale of applications, including in-app purchases (IAPs) and subscriptions. It is because the fee structures of Google and Apple are so controversial and exuberant.

Thus, professional Startup Product Development services can help you understand what charges you can expect from this platform as a startup and entrepreneur. If you want to keep the extra revenue fee private, then developing a web app can be the best way.

It has been identified that developing a web payment system is always intuitive and effective with the best payment processing platform. This payment processing platform is widely used because it has abundant resources and tools, excellent security protocols, and streamlined integration methods.

This platform handles all the credit card information of your customers from data security and legal perspectives. It is considered to maintain standard and reasonable pricing options compared to Google and Apple. Likely, avoid developer fees and enhance the startup product development process.


This post has identified that both mobile and web applications have their terms of benefits. The mobile application is a powerful source of increasing customer engagement and developing brand awareness. In contrast, the web application can benefit the startup and entrepreneur more by focusing on its cost-effectiveness and discovery.

The web app is recommended for the startup product development process as it is easily accessed by users on all devices, easily connected to the internet, has more straightforward procedures, and has faster-deploying updates. As a startup, you should always focus on converting customers and getting more leads in business settings. If your aim is this, you should invest your creative energy, money, and time in building a web app that can meet your potential customer’s needs and provide them with a hassle-free journey.

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